We have our own
values and principles

Our philosophy

Do not be afraid of those who steal your design. Fear the day they will not do it anymore !!!

– Jeff Bezos – founder Amazon


DMF Poliplast will be one of the top three flexible packaging manufacturers in Romania.

We approach the most demanding customers, mindful of the integrity, freshness, taste and attractive appearance of the products they make available to end consumers. We aim to become their favorite partner in the long run. To this end, we continually innovate and act to constantly meet our expectations through proactivity and promptness with which we offer modern and complete packaging solutions.
We pay close attention to the training and improvement of our employees and we are committed to creating a working climate that stimulates team spirit, competence, responsiveness to new challenges, initiative, performance and loyalty to the company.


Meeting customer requirements is our primary mission. We listen to their desires and offer them the most appropriate solutions, with the utmost seriousness and responsibility. We aim to continuously improve the performance and quality of our services, based on customer observations and reminders.

We provide all the necessary resources, including continuing education and training for staff, for developing professional skills and the ability to offer the highest quality packaging and services.

Thus, we pursue: satisfaction of customer requirements; creating an internal environment conducive to the development, maintenance and motivation of human capital; preventing environmental pollution and continual training of employees; providing human, financial, material, technical and informational resources for the achievement of the proposed objectives; establishing and maintaining mutually beneficial relationships with suppliers and customers.

We are aware that by nature the activities we carry out generate a certain impact on the environment, which we control and we reduce permanently.


Passion – We like good quality production and we are delighted when customers are happy with us.

Mutual Respect – We respect our employees, customers and collaborators. The promises we make are a law for us. We appreciate diversity in ideas and experiences. We consider our employees as very important. We are aware that by treating them properly, they will treat our clients also in an appropriate way.

Innovative spirit and perseverance – Ee operate in a very dynamic industry, so we are receptive to change, we learn all the time and apply our new ideas immediately, being constantly preoccupied with excellence in execution.

We believe in goodness. We rejoice and celebrate together.